Dan Flyheight

Dan Flyheight is a fictitious person from Zoids: Chaotic Century and Zoids: Guardian Force. He just shows up in a flashback during episode 49.

Anime Flyheight

The greater part of Dan’s life is obscure. Apparently he was brought into the world in the Wind Colony town, as it is said he shielded it from the Guylos Empire. He is demonstrated to be hitched to Van and Maria’s mom. Eventually in his life, he enlisted in the Republican armed force, and turned into the pilot of a Command Wolf he called Zeke. At the time Van is 5, Dan is shown safeguarding a Helic researcher as they attempt to track down an Organoid. While there, Dan meets a stranded kid, who ends up being Raven. Dan chooses to embrace him, however before he can do as such, the Imperial third Division, compelled of Gunther Prozen, assault the gathering. Dan penances his life to safeguard the gathering.

After his demise, Van is displayed to venerate his dad, in any event, considering him the best Zoid pilot. This could make sense of why the two seem to have a similar haircut.


Dan doesn’t show up in the manga. Notwithstanding, his child, Van, alongside the Organoid, Zeke, enliven Dan’s Command Wolf (which sits looking after his grave) to fend off Raven, who had Shadow contaminate a Zaber Fang with an infection that made it frenzy through Wind Colony. Van is presented to one of the Command Wolf Zeke’s recollections, where he sees his dad hoping everything works out for him and his sister.

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Capacity as a Zoid Pilot

In both the anime and manga, Van venerates his dad for being an extraordinary Zoid pilot.Anime


Dan was killed in light of the fact that he went with a decision to safeguard the Organoid, Shadow, from Prozen. He and his Command Wolf, Zeke, forfeited their lives to stop the attack of the third Imperial Division, which Prozen had called upon to walk into the town and hold onto Shadow. Prozen winds up angered by this, and, surprisingly, more dismayed that his power was destroyed by just a single Zoid.

Because of Dan’s victory, it tends to be accepted that he was an extraordinary warrior. In episode 32 of Chaotic Century, Prozen lets Van know that his dad was a Major in the Republican Army, and effectively their best Zoid pilot.


In the manga rendition of Chaotic Century, Dan and Zeke likewise penance themselves to safeguard the town. Not at all like the anime, they go head to head against a wild Zoid that went after Wind Colony, rather than the third Imperial Division. In this fight, both of them understand they need to utilize Zeke’s last assault, Ragnarok Fang, to overcome the Zoid and safeguard the town, despite the fact that they know that they will kick the bucket subsequently, since their energy will be totally depleted. However they stop the Zoid, the two tragically die. Zeke sits looking after Dan’s grave, until he is stirred by Van and the Organoid Zeke red cedar message board.

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