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/mo9hsr-0md0:Various Snapchat Planets in Snapchat Application which has Different Purposes

/mo9hsr-0md0: In this century, new technologies were introduced snapchat. Day by day, people facilitate themselves with these technologies. Scientists and engineers build different gadgets for a different purposes. Many electronic machines were also introduced.

Every machine has its purpose. At this time, people used android mobiles for their daily uses, entertainment, and other purposes. Android mobiles have many features which provide entertainment to people.

 This is an application which has a lot of features? It is also called planet which means has several planets feature which has their uniqueness. Snapchat has a unique icon that has a yellow color. 

Planet is a camera application that is mostly used by girls. Everyone knows very well about girls’ senses and how much girls are conscious of their beauty. 

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It has many different filters which are different from one another. In Planets, people can contact each other. Planets is also a communication application. In planets have different features. Nowadays, a streak feature is the most popular. People make pictures from different filters and then share them with their friends and family members. If you stop to share these types of streaks then you lose coins. 

Snapchat Plantes

On Snapchat planet, you can find out who is a close friend or who’s close to you.

Different colors of the planet indicate different terms. For example: 

  1. Uranus has a green planet with no hearts.
  2. Neptune has a blue planet with no hearts which shows your least close friends from your friend list.  
  3. Mercury has a red planet with hearts which shows you your closest friends with friend emojis. 
  4. Jupiter is the fifth planet and also has an orange planet with no hearts which shows you your fifth friend from the friend list. 
  5. Mars has the fourth planet with no hearts. It shows you your fourth closest friend. 

Planets on Snapchat 

According to planet rules, you have knowledge about which planet is near your friend list. If your friend is on the sun planet that means you are on the third number in the friend list. Different planets show different numbers in your friend list. Your number of streaks depends on which number allocate you to friend lists. 


This is one of the most popular applications in this world or also at that time. In this century people just want some fun. So, that’s why they were attracted to features. Million people use .

He has many features that attract people to use it? Here are some features:

Snapchat Filters: Several filters in are more attractive to each other. When people use these filters then they look more attractive. 

Streak: In these days, people were addicted to this feature. If you continuously used this feature, then you get more coins. With this feature, people communication with their friends and family. They can send anything via the internet. They can send snaps of anything so that streak doesn’t get stuck. 

Avatar: Snapchat has an avatar option or profile option. People use this feature for their identity.

Privacy: It also has a privacy option. You can choose the privacies to form the privacy option which you want. 

Setting: Setting option is also available on it . People can change settings according to their privacy. 

Search: Snapchat also has a search option. You can search every filter from here. 

If you use it then you know about the new feature e which is known as the known system. It is recently introduced on it. Snapchat users can buy premium to access a variety of exclusive pro features. Hisfeatures used these premia to boost up . 

Snapchat Solar System

One such feature is the Snapchat solar system which is introduced nowadays. We will talk about this feature. Stay tuned.

This feature ranks your best friends as the planet in the Solar system. Update and get this feature after updated. In this system, “the best friend” badges indicate your eight closest friends. The eight planets indicated your eight different ranks of best friends as planets. 

Here are the positions of planets you should know about it.

  • Mercury: In Snapchat, Mercury planet is known as a closed friend.
  • Venus: In Venus planet is known as the second closest friend.
  • Earth: In Earth planet know as the third closed friend.
  • Mars: In Snapchat, Mars planet is known as the fourth closet friend.
  • Jupiter: In Snapchat, Jupiter planet is known as the fifth closest friend.
  • Saturn: In Snapchat, Saturn planet is known as the sixth closet friend.
  • Uranus: In Snapchat, Uranus planet is known as the seventh closest friend.
  • Neptune: In Snapchat, Neptune planet is known as the eighth closet friend. 

Conclusion of Snapchat Planet

With time people will introduce new applications or technology. People use these applications for fun or specific purpose. We will write about new applications in the future.

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